an innovative, eclectic, and intimate navigation and exploration of rarely charted musical waters, sharing a profound  reverence and appreciation for deep musical traditions while enjoying the fruits of an open-minded and remarkable musical chemistry.  

"... The music these two gentlemen create is organic, while at the same time being virtuosic, and compelling on many different levels. Garcia and Rajchenberg continueto draw on a number of musical AND cultural traditions in a seamless manner as each member shares a deep history of traveling, composing and performing with musicians from various cultures and guesting with musicians of Africa, Bali, China, Japan, indigenous and folkloric Mexico, throughout the United States and abroad.

MEZCLA's performances and interactions are virtuosic, to say the least, and both seem to be able to have their instruments take on different responsabilities throughout the performance – rhythm, melody and harmonic roles are tossed back and forth without letting you become aware that this is what they are doing"